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"Ken's energetic and honest approach has gained him the respect of an entire organization. He has made a series of challenging conversations very easy due to his sincerity, curiosity and willingness to learn about our organization. Our project is the better for his leadership."  

     Beth Gignac, Project Lead, Cultural Transformation Project, City of Calgary

Ken’s techniques marry the corporate boardroom and the creative studio and help you improve your bottom line by accessing the innovation, creativity and confidence that lies within your grasp.

  • Persuasive Presentation Coaching to help you to convey ideas clearly, succinctly and powerfully
  • Creating a  Corporate Narrative that is clear, logical and emotional—accessing hearts and minds at the same time
  • Strategic Management Retreats that engage creative right-brain thinking and provide breakthrough a-ha moments for everyone on the team
  • Innovation and Creativity in Business training program for you and your staff that develops key competencies and behaviours common to the CEOs of the most innovative companies.

Ken was Artist-in-Corporate-Residence for First Calgary Financial, sponsored in part by Calgary 2012 Cultural Capital of Canada. From December 2012-February 2013 Ken lead 28 senior leaders on a customized 8-week Innovation and Creativity in Business training program. For more information see Innovation

Ken is Cultural Raconteur for the City of Calgary’s Cultural Transformation Project, from October 2012-August 2014, helping the city’s administration define a Corporate Narrative that can help build an organizational culture capable of fulfilling the one-hundred year vision of imagineCalgary. As part of this work Ken has helped consult with over 4000 city employees thus far – the largest employee consultation in the city’s history. For more information see Facilitation