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"Thank you so much for leading and facilitating the incredible session with members of our Department.  With your enthusiasm and gentle guidance you managed to draw out the most wonderful stories from both our more experienced staff and from our staff members who rarely have the opportunity to share their thoughts in such a diverse group.  This was a great gift to our Department and to me.  Thank you."

      Glenda Cole, City Solicitor, City of Calgary Law Department



Ken brings to Corporate Facilitation nearly two decades of experience in the professional theatre, where tapping into the imagination of the collective is the key to success. Ken has a unique ability to understand your business and facilitate a customized meeting of any scale – from a team planning session to a Senior Management Retreat –  that gives your team a new understanding of and a crucial ownership stake in your corporate vision.

Ken's facilitation techniques combine elements of artistic practice with modern business facilitation techniques.

Research shows that hands-on/minds-on learning produces a deeper, more meaningful understanding of the world and its possibilities. Ken uses techniques that access the imagination and deepens the reflection process, supporting an effective dialogue—for everyone in the organization.


Participants work through imagined scenarios using writing, drawing, improvisation, role-playing and/or three-dimensional constructions. They frequently work in groups or pairs, ensuring that everyone is free to play within their comfort zone and no one is put on the spot. Comfort and fun are keys to unlocking the imagination.

But the play is serious. By consulting with the organization in advance and tailoring each workshop to the needs of its participants, Ken seeks to design activities that address core issues that are key to the organization’s success.

Strategies include Appreciative Inquiry, Gamestorming, Groupworks, Oblique Strategies, UnConference/Open Space, Graphic Recording, questionstorming and more. The toolkit grows regularly as Ken’s restless mind continues to add new tools to the box. Taken together these modalities provide a powerful opportunity for growth.


Both the objectives and deliverables of the session need to be set out clearly in consultation with HR staff, but may include:

  • Pre-retreat planning and consultation with Human Resources staff
  • Pre-retreat briefing with key Senior Management Leaders
  • Attendance at any pre-retreat get-to-know-you activities
  • Creative Facilitation during retreat
  • Scheduling of evening activities and/or events that reinforce key learning
  • Post-retreat report summarizing retreat activities, detailing areas not yet covered, proposing topics for further discussion and outlining future recommendations