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Productive Obsession is an independent inter-arts performance company under the Artistic Direction of Rita Bozi and Ken Cameron. Since our founding in 2012 our work has been presented in Calgary, Banff and Iceland.
We do whatever we feel like doing, and creating whatever comes to us, beyond self-imposed limitation. We aim to do it impeccably. And we never stop. We are Productive Obsession. And we do a lot of it.
We are interested in life, the brain, politics, history, current affairs, cultures, culture, short-fiction, plays, theatre, music, dance, video, film, performance, education, people, stories, emotions, trauma, societies, the disenfranchised, the privileged, books, newspapers, technology, food, ethics, world affairs, psychology, organizational narrative via group facilitation, addiction, genetics, humans, embryology, elderly care, farm life, Canadian stories, international stories, human rights, neuroscience, travel, nature (in no particular order).
We perform in basements, barns, theatres, libraries, cafes and elsewhere. Suggestions welcome.


      How iRan
      The Damage is Done
      My Fair Lady – The Punk Version
      Be A Man – A Performance Adventure
      Literary Vaudeville – Loud in the Library


Written, directed and produced by: Ken Cameron
Sound design by: Richard McDowell
Production Design by: Anton de Groot
Poster design by: egg press
With artwork and voices provided by anonymous members of the Iranian-Canadian community
Choose one of three iPods and follow one of three stories through a public library. An American Quaker protests the Viet Nam War by moving to Canada. An engineer flees Persia at the height of the Iran-Iraq War and struggles to find his place in his new home. An internet journalist challenges one of the most brutal regimes of the twenty-first century. A fictionalized account based on interviews with over twenty new Canadians and one prisoner of conscience.
Intimate Theatre. For you. Alone.
How iRan will premiere at IMPACT Festival in Kitchener Ontario September 25-29, 2013 at the Kitchener Public Library.


Written and developed by: Rita Bozi
performed by Rita Bozi and Gabor Maté
Directed by: Ken Cameron
Concept: Erik Rutherford
Running time: approx. 37 minutes
The Damage is Done takes the audience from Gloomy Sunday, a song that set off a rash of suicides in 1930s Hungary, to a punky Canadian Hungarian singer, to the severing of a family during the Soviet occupation in Hungary, the infamous Communist May Day Parade of 1957 through to the development of a fetus. The connection of disparate events serves to illustrate the effects of history on the behaviour of the individual.
Part Youtube video, part discursive essay, the format of The Damage is Done is borrowed from Toronto writer Erik Rutherford and his brainchild


Written, developed and performed by: Rita Bozi
Directed and developed by: Ken Cameron
Running time: approx. 22minutes
In My Fair Lady – The Punk Version we meet a young dancer named Jody and her mentor Adam. But Adam is not just any mentor: he is the anarchistic new wave/punk proprietor of an alternative art club and the unofficial kingpin of Winnipeg’s underground scene. In My Fair Lady – The Punk Version we see how innocence is willingly corrupted and watch a young mind gain independence set against the backdrop of 1980’s Winnipeg and San Francisco.

With the use of unconventional staging, an improvised opaque projector and over ninety personal photographs, My Fair Lady – The Punk Version is a short story turned into an intimate performance piece in which the audience is privy to the privacy of the performer's world.


Written by: Rita Bozi
Directed, developed and produced by: Ken Cameron and Rita Bozi
Performed by: Jasmine Whenham, Rita Bozi, Stafford Perry and Genevieve Pare
Music by: Petunia, Jasmine Whenham and Dire Straits
Cinematography by: Patrick McLaughlin
Production design and video by: Sandi Somers
Running time: approx. 55 minutes
Meet Tommy, a hitchhiking itinerant musician who arrives in Calgary at the height of the Calgary Stampede. A supercharged drug dealer and a young female Stampede performer lead Tommy to assert his masculinity. It is only in the story’s final moments we discover the reason behind Tommy’s odd behaviour and seemingly irrational fears.
In 2012, Rita received a Calgary 2012 Project Grant and a Banff Centre residency to adapt the short story into a 'performance adventure'. A workshop version of Be A Man - A Performance Adventure, fusing the literary form with film and live music, was presented for a short run in Calgary at the Green Fools' Studio.
Be A Man - A Performance Adventure was originally written when Rita Bozi was approached to write a story in the literary noir genre for a project called Stampede Noir: Dark Prose from the Greatest Show. The project was spearheaded by co-editors Rea Tarvydas and Beth Everest and the collection showcases 11 emerging and established writers from Calgary.
Read a preview article from FFWD Weekly here


Literary Vaudeville – Loud in the Library is an evening of literary diversity where an audience can enjoy many different forms of writing all in one night. The writers come from different backgrounds, disciplines and experiences. This range brings a fresh and exciting spirit of collaboration to the evening. We meet three criteria: we are published, we are rehearsed, and we entertain an audience.

Literary Vaudeville – Loud in the Library has been hosted by the Memorial Park Library in Calgary on the first Thursday in November for the past three years. The fourth instalment is on Thursday Nov 7 2013 at 7pm.