The Blogfather of Iran

A new play by Ken Cameron.

The true story of the lone blogger who shook the nation of Iran.

In The Blogfather of Iran a western playwright (Ken) travels to Iran to sit on the jury of an international theatre festival. He falls hard for his translator (Liliane). But she has fallen even harder for a political dissident known as The Blogfather. The Blogfather of Iran is the real-life figure Hossein DERAKHSHAN, an Iranian-Canadian journalist and internationally respected authority on internet journalism who invented the technology that opened up the world of blogging to Iran and much of the Muslim world. On a return visit to Iran in 2009 he was arrested and eventually sentenced to 19 ½ years in Iran’s most notorious prison. But today, after eight years, the government has let Hossein out on parole; his first order of business is to find Liliane.

The Blogfather of Iran is about freedom of speech and personal responsibility in an age where technology has made communication both easier and impossibly difficult. It asks if ancient technologies, such as song, story and theatre may actually have a greater impact today than ever before. And it makes a compelling case that in this world of globalized communications, false news and charged political dialogue our ability to speak truth, regardless of our origins or physical confinement, has become more crucial than ever before.
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