Plays I’ve Written

Harvest - a play by Ken Cameron
BRIEF SUMMARY Harvest is based on the real-life experience of my parents, who owned a farm in southwestern Ontario. They recently moved from the farm to the city and rented the house I grew up in to a lovely couple … who used the house to grow marijuana! The event was both deeply disturbing and very comic for them, and they showed great perseverance in dealing with the incident. The play has been written for two actors, who play the elderly couple, as well as every other character. Like with improv, watching the actors take on all the various roles ...
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Dear Johnny Deere
BRIEF SUMMARY Dear Johnny Deere weaves the tale of Johnny and Caroline, a struggling farming couple, around the music of Canadian alt-country icon Fred Eaglesmith. It opened at The Blyth Festival in June 2012. Because Ken researched Fred Eaglesmith’s songbook extensively, he was able to draw the characters and plotline from the many stories embedded within Fred’s songs. The result is a musical where Fred’s hit songs seem tailor-made to the musical, not the other way around. Dear Johnny Deere is a hit with many devoted Eaglesmith fans, known as Fred-Heads because of their willingness to be repeat concert-goers. Fred-Heads ...
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My Morocco
BRIEF SUMMARY My Morocco is a one-man autobiographical play based on real life incidents that occurred when Ken was traveling in Morocco and discovered that his estranged sister had passed away in Canada. In its original fringe incarnation Ken appeared onstage and told the story frankly and honestly with only a few photos on music stands and a rich sound design. For the Calgary remount Ken introduced projections of photos of Morocco taken by his wife Rita. Currently rights are available to other performers. The play provides a frank and emotional narrative of Ken’s sometimes difficult relationship with his deceased ...
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My One and Only
BRIEF SUMMARY Its 1959 and Marilyn Monroe has come to Banff to shoot a movie. Its 1963, Marilyn is dead and Scout has been stopped by the police with incriminating evidence in his car. In this non-linear story Hollywood glamour is juxtaposed with the most famous small town in North America, and we are aced the question … what would happen to the rest of your life if you lost your virginity to the met beautiful woman in history? REVIEWS AND LINKS “Switching back and forth in time between scenes with Scout and his drunken slattern of a mother, whom ...
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How iRan
BRIEF SUMMARY Welcome to an interactive, site-responsive, non-linear installation-story set in a library. Choose one of three iPods and follow one of three audio tracks through the stacks, into the basement, up the stairwells and out the windows of your city’s library. Artwork and installations created by members of the Canadian-Iranian community are strategically placed throughout the building to augment the audio experience. Each iPod is set to shuffle, so each story is randomly tailored to you and you alone. With over a million possible story combinations, you are guaranteed a unique experience. Join us daily for “Act Two” – ...
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